Animated Films
Creative, Beautiful and Bespoke


We produce creative, engaging and dynamic bespoke animation films. An animation is a highly effective tool to deliver complex messages in an engaging and easy to understand way.
Our full service and results-driven approach will ensure that your film meets all objectives and messaging. We will cover all aspects of the project including concept, scripting, storyboarding, production design, voiceovers, and anything else your animation needs.


Creative Concepts

As a part of producing any animation, we will start by producing a set of creative approaches. These will set the visual and content approach of the animated film.
What defines the approach is a mix of the goals of the project, the audience and the brand. Technically we might decide to take a more hand-drawn approach, or vector based. We might go another route such as stop-motion as the sample on this page. Once the route is agreed we would move to the script writing phase.


Script Writing

Scriptwriting determines not only what is said but the way your message is received. Kartoffel Films’ experienced team can ensure that your message comes across clearly and engages with your audience. Our award-winning team has worked with many leading organisations including the World Wide Web Consortium, Macmillan Cancer Support, Amnesty International, and many others.



Storyboards are an essential aspect of pre-production especially with animation. The storyboard is your chance to the the visual representation of your animation once the concept, script and style have been decided upon. Our creative animation team uses this step to ensure that the film looks exactly how you want it to.


Vector Aniamtion

Vector animation is when the graphics of your animation are controlled by vectors instead of pixels. This animation style delivers a clean, smooth and dynamic animation. Our experienced and award-winning animation team will work with you to deliver your message in a clear and engaging way. Vector animation is a great way to share personal stories, tackle difficult subject material and simplify complex information.


Some of our films

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Our 2017 Animation Showreel

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