Why Are Ronins Great!


Ronald the Ronin

Have you ever asked yourself “how do you get a nice smooth shake free camera shot?” Well, let us introduce you to the Ronin! We love to use it!

But it’s not just us! There are many examples of Steadicam shots in big Hollywood films, high-end commercials and music videos! But one of the best things about Ronald the Ronin is you don’t need lots of crew or a track and dolly to accomplish this type of shot!

We’ve created a video to explain when it is best to use it. There are many different situations. We have tried to present some of them. For example, a chasing shot: while running, holding a camera and concentrating on filming at the same time it can be hard to get a smooth shot. With a ronin it is easy to stabilise the camera so it doesn’t shake every time you move.

It is great fun and easy to use. You can control the ronin with a remote if you want to, so there is one person holding the ronin and another one is doing the pans. But of course, you can control the ronin manually on your own as well.

As you can see a ronin is a clever method for adding great production value to your projects!