Charity Films and Animations
Engagement and Support

We are leaders in the production of video and animation in the voluntary sector. We have produced dozens of films and animations for the most loved Charity Brands in the Uk.

Charity Films

We believe in creating videos that engage and inspire. Here at Kartoffel Films, we will do whatever we can to help your charity succeed from spreading awareness to raising donations to inspiring action.

We work with a number of great charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, Age UK, Stroke Association, Amnesty International, and many others.

We truly want to do all that we can to help your charity succeed which is why we also offer a 15% discount on all charity video production.


Charity Animation

Animation is a very effective way of relaying information whether that be for campaigns, advocacy, fundraising or brand building. It has the benefit of being tailorable to a very finite level. You can control every aspect of the project from the script to the voice over to the visuals. Each element can be created bespoke to the projects needs and your organisation's brand. We work with a team of award-winning, designers, creatives and animators; we bring your animation to life.


Charity Fundraising Films

Video can form an integral part of any fundraising campaign. It conveys a message in an easily digestible, clear and concise way that speaks to the audience. Sharing your campaign across social media, video increases its reach even promoted by your own supports.

With a clear call to action, a video is a highly effective tool when it comes to increasing conversions on the campaign.


Information Provision Films

Information videos can be used to educate, present research findings, reach out to audiences with specific needs and provide emotional resonance.

Animation as an information provision tool has many advantages, one of them its malleability: the content can be very specifically designed around your audience.


Advocacy Films

Video has tremendous reach and can form an integral part of advocacy campaigns with the potential to go viral and further push your messages. Moreover it is a powerful way of influencing supports and decision makers in a variety of sectors.

Relaying highly targeted messages and the ability to interact with the target audiences are just two of video’s many benefits.


Case Study Films

Case study films allow you to focus on a personal narrative and connect with audiences in a genuine and credible way. Audiences connect quickly with case studies which help your message resonate long past the end of the video.

Find out more of our case study films here.


Some of our films