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Schools, colleges and campuses are places in full time flux, which is why words and motionless photos are not enough to portray what really goes on in them.

At Kartoffel Films we offer a range of educational video production services that showcase educational establishments and their offerings in all their HD, full-colour, fast-paced glory. From promotional videos to educational films for students, we have it all covered.   Read more

Educational Video Production

Some of the most elite educational institutions in the world have relied on us for their video content. In fact, our educational clients range from the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world, The University of Cambridge, to ground-breaking research university UCL.

Here’s a little bit more about what we offer at our educational film production agency

Promotional videos

Educational promotional videos give those in the education sector the chance to show off. Show off the calibre of your students, the expertise of your staff, the quality of your equipment and facilities, and the standard of extra-curricular life that’s on offer at your school, college or university.

Our award-winning team will guide your institution from A to B – taking you right through from the development of the creative concept to the final edits.

Student recruitment films

With the right story board, camera angles and soundtrack, student recruitment films can help your institution attract podium-position talent. The live action element makes potential students feel like they’re with you on campus already and brings them eye to eye with the sort of like-minded people they’re likely to be sharing seminar rooms and lecture theatres with.

You can use your student recruitment films to get across information on everything from course content to the social life that’s available out of lecture theatre hours.

Alumni engagement

Reaching out to alumni can earn educational institutions everything from funding to powerful collective insight and even current student support. Our in-house educational film production specialists can help you connect, engage and inspire your alumni through everything from animation to big-screen-standard live video content.

Lecture filming

The majority of people in the UK class themselves as visual learners, which makes them more likely to embed knowledge by re-watching a lecture video than revising over lecture notes.

There’s an art to filming lectures and we’re not just talking about getting the angles to add up, so the content of the lecture really comes to life. Our educational video production team has experience of filming in the most challenging of environments – for one project we were tasked with capturing – up close – an experiment for determining the enthalpy for the thermal decomposition of KHCO3, for example. So, no subject is too tricky for us to tackle.

Education Promotion Films

We understand the importance of educational video content. Our results-driven approach will ensure that your education films reach their full potential.

From concept to completed project, our experienced and award-winning team will ensure your education video production is informative, effective and engaging.


Student Recruitment

With video, you can simultaneously engage, inform and connect with audiences.

This is what makes educational video production companies so valuable to student recruitment. With a student recruitment film you can communicate to prospective students what courses your offer, engage them in your unique culture and showcase your campus.


Alumni Engagement

Our qualified and award-winning team will work with you to get the most out of your budget. We produce films that grab attention and engage audiences.


Filming Lectures

Filming lectures benefit both students and faculty. Filming lectures give students the freedom and flexibility to learn at the pace that works best for them.

Moreover, it allows faculty to have access to best practices, guest lecturers, and other materials to enrich their own learning.


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