Films for Education
Engage, Recruit, Drive Results

Kartoffel Films have worked with some of the most renowned educational institutes, including Chicago University of Booth, Cambridge Universtiy, UCL, Kings and many more. We have produced high effective films and animation for recruitment, engagement and education.

Education Promotion Films

Our results-driven approach will ensure that your education films reach their full potential.

From concept to completed project, our experienced and award-winning team will ensure your education film is informative, effective and engaging.


Student Recruitment

With video, you can simultaneously engage, inform and connect with audiences.

This is what makes video so valuable to student recruitment. With a student recruitment film you can communicate to prospective students what courses your offer, engage them in your unique culture and showcase your campus.


Alumni Engagement

Our experienced and award-winning team will work with you to get the most out of your budget. We produce films that grab attention and engage audiences.


Filming Lectures

Filming lectures benefit both students and faculty. Filming lectures give students the freedom and flexibility to learn at the pace that works best for them.

Moreover, it allows faculty to have access to best practices, guest lecturers, and other materials to enrich their own learning.


Some of our films

St Georges University

Get Started Campaign

St Georges University

Scholarship Program Campaign