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Mahatma Gandhi once said that health was real wealth, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s one of the reasons we’re so fiercely passionate about working with organisations in the health and medical arena to produce videos and films.

In fact, our healthcare video production team has created more than 300 films to date, teaming up with goliaths such as The World Health Organisation and Bayer to help them get their messages across.  Read more

Our medical video production services include…

Health campaigns

Kartoffel Films has been responsible for some pretty high-profile health campaigns. We’ve worked with celebrities such as Harry Redknapp and Emma Willis to create films on everything from raising awareness of testosterone deficiency to how important it is for women to check their breasts for lumps.

If the right person watches your health campaign video and takes action as a result, what you’ve produced can make the difference between life and death.

Patient case studies

Case studies and testimonial videos are powerful things in the medical world. They have the potential to alter perceptions, offer hope, and make people feel like they’re not alone.

We’ve produced more than 100 videos showcasing patient stories. Our expert directors are highly experienced in dealing with sensitive subjects and are competent and professional when it comes to working in potentially delicate environments such as hospitals, homes and places where people are cared for.

Medical and health training films

Video beats a printed manual hands-down when it comes to training in the field of health and medicine. Firstly, words and diagrams can be added to the screen as people talk to camera about complicated topics, adding clarification and embedding learning.

Secondly, actors can be brought in to simulate example situations, so viewers can see how the things they’re being trained on apply in the real world.

Our team can do everything from sourcing a set to casting to help make your training videos watchable, digestible and memorable.

Medical and health animations

A medical and health-related animation is a superior way of conveying complex information to either patients or medical professionals. It’s an ideal medium for explainer videos and informational content.

Take the video we produced on the HPV virus as an example. Our aim was to raise awareness of HPV, its risk factors and its vaccination.

To do this, we needed to include footage of a womb, to show how HPV affects this organ. We used an animation of the womb where we couldn’t have used real life footage.

Health Campaigns

Commercials are an excellent means of delivering health and medical information for campaigns.

We have a full bespoke production service from creative to casting, to locations post production which can meet the needs of any productions.


Patient Case Studies

Patient Stories are a great way of conveying health information in an emphatic way which will resonate with an audience.

We have a team of expert directors who are well versed in dealing with sensitive situations, in homes, hospitals and other spaces where people are cared for. Always beautifully shot and highly engaging we have produced over 100 patient stories, covering topics from terminal illness to swimming during pregnancy.


Health Video

Specialists in medical video production, we have produced over 300 videos in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector. If you’re a charity, a health provider, or an agency working in the health sector we can help you to communicate your message, on time and on budget.

We are experienced in designing films and animations within the regulations of the sector.


Medical and Health Training Films

Medical training films have the benefit of not only being tailorable to a very fine level, they can be cast and scripted to meet the needs of any project.

We are a full-service production company with the specialists in the health sector, we can script, source location, actors and directors and deliver high-end medical video productions.


Medical and Health Animation

A medical and health-related animation is a great way of conveying complex information to either patients or medical professionals.

It has the benefit of being tailorable to a very finite level which can be amended as needed to meet any publishing requirements.


Some of our films

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