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Promotional videos give organisations the opportunity to shout about their brands from the rooftops. At Kartoffel Films it’s our mission to produce videos that shout the loudest.   Read more

Our experienced team has crafted promotional videos for both small companies and mega brands. Plus, we’ve worked across sectors – from tech to luxury travel, so there’s no topic we can’t tackle.

Some of the most popular types of promotional films that we create include the video equivalent of the About Us page. These videos give both your existing and potential customers a fly-on-the-wall insight into your company and its culture. They are the first step in building that client familiarity that leads to bona-fide brand loyalty and can play an essential role in a business’ content marketing strategy.

Product videos also go down a storm with our customers. These types of promotional films go beyond dry descriptions and 2D images to show the quality of a product, its exact functionality, and how it can solve a problem in your customers’ lives. They provide the answer to the ‘why’ in your clients’ journeys to buy.

Then there are the case studies and success stories. There’s nothing more powerful than a person with a pulse talking about a product, experience or service in a video clip. Filmed correctly, a promotional video of a case study can build on your brand’s authority and authenticity.

In addition to there being no topic our film production company can’t take on, there’s no medium we can’t manage either.

We’ve created footage for landing pages. Did you know this kind of footage can increase conversions by up to 80 per cent?

We’ve worked our magic on videos for email marketing campaigns – video in emails has been shown to lead to a 200 per cent increase in click-through rates.

We’ve delivered professional video for social media sites including Instagram videos – 1,200 per cent more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined.

Plus, we’ve tailored promotional app videos. Customers tend to use apps for convenience. What’s more convenient that watching app content in one to two-minute clips as opposed to reading a 20-minute article?

Whether your company has created promotional video content before or you’re a rookie, we can help. We can deliver on fully-fledged briefs or we can help you with everything from the concept to the calls to action.

Promotional Video Production

We create compelling and creative content to engage an audience.

Kartoffel Films has an award-winning production crew – drawing from some of the best in the industry – to uniquely match your requirements and surpass your expectations for your promotional video production.


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