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Training Films

Training films are an effective method for informing, engaging and teaching. A video is highly effective at breaking down concepts into understandable and digestible parts.

Kartoffel Films has extensive experience in creating professional and innovative training films that engage audiences. Our award-winning and experienced crews will work with you to ensure that all key information and messaging is communicated.


Health Training Film

Training video production has the ability to break down difficult information into understandable parts in just a few short minutes.

Our award-winning and creative team will work with you to find the best way to deliver your messages and engage your audiences.


Corporate Training Film

At Kartoffel Films, we create corporate training videos that resonate and engage.

Our experienced and professional team works closely with our clients to ensure that all key information is clearly and effectively communicated in your corporate training video.


Information Provision

With extensive experience in the education sector, Kartoffel Films will ensure that your video meets all objectives and successfully communicates all key information.

A video is invaluable for communicating complex concepts, as it can easily break down concepts into understandable parts. Regardless of the subject area, video can be an effective tool to ensure understanding and engagement with students.


Some of our films

education training film
The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

Learning Gestures